We have come together for the past nine years not only to recognize great design but also to celebrate the creative spirit.

Our recipients' inspiration and their passion take many forms that, in turn, renew our own sense of purpose.

In fact, the Chrysler Design Awards are central to what Chrysler is all about.

Design is our focus and it guides our own creative spirit.

This love of great design has put us in a design leadership position, and it will be the medium that ensures our future success.

For me, what's exciting about the award is the sense of community and collaboration among the growing college of recipients.

Design is important to me.

It's my job and it's also what I enjoy doing above all else.

Our president, my boss Dieter Zetsche, calls design "disciplined pizzazz."

I like that term because it truly sums up what all of us must do regardless of our respective professions.

Without pizzazz, creativity, ingenuity, and breakthrough, you're not going to create anything new.

Without discipline, tools, processes, and metrics, your creation won't make it past the drawing board or, should I say, past your computer screen.

Put the two together and you truly have the formula for success and recognition.

Chrysler Design Award recipients are people who see the world differently than many of us do.

And it is through their courage, their determination, and their discipline that they've found a way to make that vision real.

In doing so, they have enhanced our lives in ways we can only begin to recognize.

Ultimately, these people change the world-collectively and, some, individually.

They shape the way people see, move, experience, and remember things.

Often, they shape the way we see ourselves.

Thanks to their work, we live in a stronger, more interesting, more diverse world.

We look forward to our tenth year of celebrating a commitment to innovation, excellence, sustained vision, and "disciplined pizzazz."

And we thank the entire design community for their continued inspiration.