MHD’s remarkable legacy has an unwavering commitment towards ethically creating the professional avenues and opportunities related to reliable and efficient transportation, robust infrastructure towards healthcare and communication for a better & strong environmental-friendly nation. We have been delivering successfully across all the verticals and made a respectable brand for ourselves

In the last few decades, the entrepreneurial spirit of MHD has made some ripples in the Oman automotive industry forging the reputation of the most formidable organization. Our steady growth, based mainly on development and expansion, made us a valuable contributor towards the economy.

MHD is fueled by its deep-rooted values that have always guided us to hold hands and prosper together, team work that is. We believe in growing along with our people and channel partners with whom we collaborate and co-create innovative solutions. With the help of our vast network and presence in various geographies across Oman, we nurture and support talent to make them unlock their hidden potential and fulfill their dreams.