Chrysler Synthesis

Welcome to a smart, intuitive mobility experience that seamlessly integrates with your daily life—predicting, adapting and harmonizing everyday activities with personalized experiences that make you feel at home wherever you go.

Your Harmony in Motion™

Start your day knowing that your vehicle is ready for you. The Chrysler Synthesis Virtual Personal Assistant Concept synchronizes your personal and mobility digital activities and makes life easier by automatically installing new features and vehicle updates. Receive real-time updates to your personal devices, like vehicle charging status, suggestions for route and calendar planning and overviews of new features.

Step Into Harmony

Your synthesized experience moves from inside your home to behind the wheel. The garage door opens as it recognizes you entering your vehicle and your vehicle makes adjustments based on your schedule, passengers and cargo needs. Your Virtual Personal Assistant welcomes you and displays your day's itinerary and travel routes. Everything is ready to go.

In autonomous driving mode, the vehicle takes care of travel and can help give you back free time. Join important video calls from your in-dash screen. Make lunch plans on the go and let your Virtual Personal Assistant seamlessly adjust course for new stops and range-friendly routing.

Chill Mode

After a productive day, your vehicle finds a nearby place for a quick recharge. Take time to relax as the cabin transforms with ambient lighting and calming displays. During your commute home, your vehicle synchronizes your home’s thermostat, lighting and meal prep settings for a warm welcoming.


The Chrysler Brand has always strived to be a leader in the future of mobility and will continue its commitment to sustainability with a unified effort to be fully electric by 2028.