Life is messy, but your vehicle doesn't have to be. The Chrysler Brand knows. We practically invented the minivan and we've been kid-proofing our vehicles ever since. That's why a powerful built-in vacuum is available on the family-friendly Chrysler Pacifica. Available all-weather rubber floor mats and splash guards can be added to protect the interior from slush, spills, dirt and debris. Treat your upholstery to available washable car seat protectors custom-tailored to fit your Chrysler Brand vehicle. Our available contoured rubber cargo mats offer maximum protection from all that you haul.


If your other vehicle is a bike, boat or board, your Chrysler Pacifica can carry it. Our full range of available model-specific roof mounts are designed for every adventure. From bike racks to kayak carriers, canoe racks and rooftop cargo bags, our precision-fit systems are impact-resistant, long-lasting and easy to install. See the Mopar® catalog to find a roof rack by model and sport. You might forget you ever wanted an SUV.


Does your furry friend seem relaxed in the car? We hope so. A well-secured and properly-sized pet carrier makes a huge difference, especially on long trips. The Chrysler Brand offers an available large dog carrier, suitable for most pets, that fits perfectly in the cargo space of a Pacifica with available Stow 'n Go® Seating. An available small pet carrier may be more comfortable for miniature dog breeds and cats.


Because of continually evolving technology, design and regulations, consult your car seat's manual or contact the manufacturer for specific information.

Every child safety seat will come with its own set of cleaning instructions that should be followed to prevent damage to safety features. Consult your car seat's user manual or contact the manufacturer for specific information.

Child seat guidelines depend on a variety of factors including passenger height and weight, type of child seat, and laws that vary state by state. Please consult the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines regarding child safety seats for more information.